The Culture Climb Book

We believe


is a mountain that’s worth climbing.

The competitive advantage of the future is Culture, plain and simple.

Most business problems are actually people problems...

To get at the root cause, leaders must go deeper than the business layer with questions that are rooted in culture and people.

The Culture Climb helps leaders

understand and examine their work culture in a simple yet comprehensive way

discover how to use culture to grow a healthy and sustainable business

push past all the theories about culture to help leaders make real change

Why not culture? and why not now?


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“A positive workplace culture is a place where people leave each day better than when they came in.”


The Culture Climb Book

Culture is a mountain effective leaders must climb.

The truth about Culture is that it is hard to build and hard to sustain. You are never done improving and evolving your culture. But once you have a solid foundation built, the incremental sustainment work becomes much easier.

The Impact Model

We created “The Impact Model” with the purpose of simplifying culture into a set of building blocks that every business leader can understand and can take action on.


Because while there are aspects of culture that are harder to measure, choosing that as our excuse to not focus on it is not enough. The future growth of our organizations is built on a solid culture foundation.


Culture Tools

Culture Compass

This vision, or compass, will help paint a picture and provide direction for what your desired culture looks and feels like.

Culture Map

Your Culture Map identifies the actions you want to take over the next year to make progress towards your culture vision.

Culture Impact Scorecard

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Identifying a set of metrics that show progress towards your ideal culture is critical.

Did you know culture is the foundation of everything you do?

The work we do inspires real change if you can commit to the climb, and it will reward you in ways you never thought possible.

Why not start today – there’s no better time!