The Culture Climb Book

Most business problems are actually people problems...

To get at the root cause, leaders must go deeper than the business layer with questions that are rooted in culture and people.

The Culture Climb helps leaders

understand and examine their work culture in a simple yet comprehensive way

discover how to use culture to grow a healthy and sustainable business

push past all the theories about culture to help leaders make real change


Culture Tools

Culture Check-Up

The culture check-up survey helps you gather objective information about your culture.

Culture Compass

This vision, or compass, will help paint a picture and provide direction for what your desired culture looks and feels like.

Culture Map

Your Culture Map identifies the actions you want to take over the next year to make progress towards your culture vision.

Culture Impact Scorecard

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Identifying a set of metrics that show progress towards your ideal culture is critical.

The Culture Climb Book

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In her innovating and groundbreaking new book, The Culture Climb, thought leader Jaime Taets not only challenges and inspires other leaders of organizations to prioritize their work culture – she also provides an actionable and approachable plan that can be fully implemented into a business model and help to positively transform the workplace atmosphere.

The Culture Climb

How to Build a Work Culture That Maximizes Your Impact

You can’t manage what you can’t measure – this book will give you tools and processes to make change happen within your organization while providing you with actionable steps along the way.

Reading the book, everyone will want to know what impact Jaime has seen within organizations while doing this work. She will explain each tool – how to use them and why she created them – so you walk away with a clear idea of how to move ahead with and start making changes within your organization.

About the Author

Jaime Taets

author bioAs a CEO, public speaker, author, podcast host, and thought leader… through every one of those roles, Jaime Taets is focused on helping individuals and companies get past whatever is holding them back from achieving what they are capable of.

Jaime’s experience began in a corporate role at the largest privately-held corporation in the world. Thirteen years into that journey, she was comfortably uncomfortable. Having held various leadership roles, Jaime recognized that her strengths and approach would be better utilized outside the corporate world. Stepping out confidently while facing her own fears, she left that job and launched Keystone Group International in 2013.

Keystone Group International focuses on leadership development, organizational strategy, growth, and change. Jaime’s belief that strong leadership and a change-resilient culture are the foundation for sustainable growth drives her work with clients. Harnessing her own leadership experiences, she inspires real and sometimes challenging discussions about the crossroads between high-performance and healthy change.

Her approach is a combination of direct and caring. Not one to step around challenges, she helps leaders focus on their root challenges. As she puts it, “Stop mowing the dandelions.” Jaime pushes her clients to dig deep, she calls out issues in their businesses, and never lets them off the hook. Creating “a-ha” moments fuels her – those instances where they see the change they need to make and understand the potential of creating those shifts.

About the Contributor - Chelsey Paulson

Chelsey Paulson is a Culture Strategist & Business Growth Guide at Keystone Group International. Chelsey has over 15 years of management experience in a midsize, employee-owned, technology organization. She has built her career around being a strategic partner to the executive team, molding and growing the culture and focusing on strategic people initiatives that aligned with the organizations business initiatives such as internal communications, career and leadership development, succession planning, and aligning the right people in the right seats within the optimal organizational structure.

Chelsey’s area of expertise is in Human Resources, Culture Development/Revival, Employee Ownership Management, Long-term Strategic Planning, and Executive Coaching. Chelsey is passionate about creating a lasting impact on businesses, especially when it comes to strategy, culture, and people. She does this by using her Superpower of being a constant learner to learn new information, strategies, and skills to challenge and push our clients to the next level.


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“A positive workplace culture is a place where people leave each day better than when they came in.”


The Culture Climb Book
Finding a Guide

Find a Culture Guide

We’re here to make a real difference. A guide can help you look from a higher level to recognize your strengths and opportunities. 

Embarking on a journey like the Culture Climb is a big decision and it’s not always easy to maintain the momentum and focus you intend to. If you need assistance assessing and planning for your Culture Climb, we can help get you going and keep you moving.

Culture is a mountain effective leaders must climb.

The truth about Culture is that it is hard to build and hard to sustain. You are never done improving and evolving your culture. But once you have a solid foundation built, the incremental sustainment work becomes much easier.

The Impact Model

We created “The Impact Model” with the purpose of simplifying culture into a set of building blocks that every business leader can understand and can take action on.


Because while there are aspects of culture that are harder to measure, choosing that as our excuse to not focus on it is not enough. The future growth of our organizations is built on a solid culture foundation.

Did you know culture is the foundation of everything you do?

The work we do inspires real change if you can commit to the climb, and it will reward you in ways you never thought possible.

Why not start today – there’s no better time!